PAES was founded in 1885 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and has served the Portland area continuously since that time. In 1974 PAES was built at the present location in west Gresham on twenty-three acres of pastoral land.

Our school serves a diverse population and welcomes children of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds who desire an opportunity to have Christ and the teachings of the Bible as part of their education. The blended Christian environment of our school is one of our strengths. We are committed to lift up each student as a special child of God.

The Campus

The Portland Adventist Elementary School campus sets the stage for learning. The school building itself is contained under one roof. This provides a high degree of safety for the students. The building is divided into "wings" with the library  as the hub.

We have an excellent music facility where our music instructor conducts bands and choirs for grades 5-8, classroom music for grades K-4 and a hand bell choir.  Private piano and string lessons are available.

Next to our music facility is the gymnasium. The gym boasts two near full-length basketball courts as well as a stage, showers, locker rooms and restrooms.

PAES has a fully equipped computer lab, networked to a central server with full time filtered broadband Internet access. All K-8th grade students have access to the computer lab. Every teacher has been formally trained on how to integrate technology into the curriculum in such a way that we make use of the various computer tools in the daily class work.

Much of the 23-acre campus is planted in grass. At one end of the campus is a full soccer/football/softball field and at the other end of the campus is another soccer field. Near the school building is a playground that is designed to create fun and engage a child's mind and muscle while maintaining a safe play area. There is a large covered play area where the children can play during inclement weather.

Our Community

Portland Adventist Elementary School offers a unique mix of students, parents, and faculty. The students will find many positive role models among the adults and other students. The community fosters lifelong friendships, encouraging students to thrive in a comfortable and supportive environment.

"Service to others" is not only taught at PAES, but put into practice on a daily basis. Children are made aware of the needs in our world and invited to share what they have to make life a little easier for someone else. This benefits Portland Adventist Elementary School and the world beyond.


Portland Adventist Elementary School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.