Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS)

The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are a series of standardized achievement tests in such areas as language, mathematics, social studies, science and use of reference materials.  They are administered to all students grades 3-8 in early October of each school year. 

The primary purpose of these tests is to provide information on student progress that can be used to improve instruction and to make better decisions for student success.  These tests allow teachers to examine individual and group classroom progress.  These test results also provide information to students and parents for monitoring student growth from grade to grade. 

In conjunction with the administration of the ITBS testing, students in grades 4 and 7 are administered the Cognitive Abilities Test.  The test measures general and specific reasoning abilities that enable students to learn new tasks and solve problems.  Student abilities are assessed in three domains: verbal, quantitative and nonverbal.

The Cognitive abilities Test measures developed abilities, not innate abilities. These abilities are closely related to in-school and out-of-school experiences. They are also closely related to success in school in all subjects.  Test results help with planning individual instructional programs for students in order to enhance student success in learning.  They provide a measure of cognitive development separately from school grades, and they help identify students whose predicted levels of achievement are distinctly different (higher or lower) from their expected levels of achievement.

The above achievement and ability tests, therefore, are an important source of student assessment for both teacher and parent. They play a significant role in the overall educational program of our students on this campus.