Kindergarten hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 8:15am to 3:00pm

Friday: 8:15am to 2:00pm


Our Kindergarten program is designed to provide a caring and nurturing environment where the love of Jesus is shared. The love of learning is initiated with an academic curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the young child. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged and enjoying themselves. This atmosphere allows for growth and development of the whole child.

In Kindergarten the joy of learning is rooted in the process of discovery. It is our purpose to attend to each child's spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional well being.

Language Arts

Kindergarten at PAES provides students with a strong introduction to language through literature, print awareness, phonemic awareness, systematic phonics instruction, blending and fluency in reading. High frequency words and predictable/decodable books are used for initial reading experiences.

Children experience spoken language through large group, small group and individual activities. These activities are designed to promote discussion and listening skills. Written language is experienced through dictation and daily writing journals.


Kindergarteners develop an understanding of abstract concepts in a concrete manner. Through the use of manipulatives, students learn the concepts of graphing, patterns, number concepts to 100, money, measurement, beginning addition and subtraction, time, basic geometry and problem solving.

Science and Social Studies

Science themes studied in Kindergarten include the four seasons, weather, insects, animals and their habitats, health and nutrition. Social studies units include holidays, home/family past and present, our city and state, country and then expand to countries around the world. Students are exposed to literature about these countries as well as language, culture, games and creative activities that correspond to each country. Geography is incorporated as we travel around the world.

Bible and Chapel

Conveying the love and goodness of God is the primary goal of Bible class.  Through stories of God's working in the lives of Old and New Testatment people, students learn to recognize God's work and His plan in their own lives.  Additionally, Kindergarten meets along with the other grades on Friday mornings for the school's weekly chapel service. The chapel program is designed to create an opportunity to love and serve God as well as others.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities include separate instruction in computers, library, music and physical education.