Spiritual Life

Bible Class

Students receive regular Bible classes as part of their developmental religious curriculum program at PAES. Under the direction of their classroom teacher they study Biblical concepts and principles and learn to grow in grace as they are taught to reflect God’s character. 

Morning Worship
All students commence the opening of the school day with a classroom worship time where the teacher presents uplifting spiritual thoughts for their consideration and discussion. There is always opportunity for prayer and students have the chance to voice both praises and prayer requests.
Our staff prays for our students and for our school families. Our students are encouraged to make prayer a part of their lives. Jesus prayed to His Father and it is important for our staff to model this behavior before our students and for them to learn to pray, too.
School Family Worship
Each Friday morning students in Kindergarten through 8th grade assemble for our school family worship time. Students lead out in praise singing, scripture, provide special music and a guest speaker shares an uplifting story and lesson with them from the gospel.
Week of prayer
PAES conducts three series of special worship times for our students each year. These occur during the Fall season, the Christmas season and the Spring season. A variety of guest speakers are invited to share the gospel with our students in a group worship setting.
Baptismal Classes
In the Fall of each year one or more of our pastors are invited to meet with our students in grades 5th-8th who express an interest in further Bible study. If, after this study, a student desires to accept Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior (and wishes to demonstrate that commitment through baptism) the student is then referred to their local pastor for baptism.

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